Paul Damon: Landscape Painter

Artist's Statement

I specialize in painting landscapes in oil and watercolor. I try to bring to my paintings the understanding that landscapes are the result of human intervention and the creation of places meant for human activities.

I am heavily influenced by the Scandinavian and Russian landscape painters of the late Nineteenth and early Twentieth Centuries, who pioneered the way that human-derived landscapes are represented in paintings, often portraying human perseverance immersed in natural beauty with narratives of isolation and stoic survival.

The amazing fertility of the prairie gives rise to a landscape of constant change. Residual traces of older ways are often juxtaposed with the present to reveal the frailty of human endeavor in the face of an infinite universe. Midwestern beauty, gracefully subtle, is often overlooked in favor of grander vistas. I try to bring that beauty out of the background where it lies cloaked by the veil of the everyday.

I paint realistically because I believe that art should be accessible. The world contains a visual vocabulary of physical forms that are meaningful because they are part of our shared human experience. I want my work to be appreciated for its appeal to the senses and the intellect, not one or the other.


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